Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ocean States

Comprised of various pieces of painted, burned and rusted driftwood from Cape Cod, Plum Island, and Nova Scotia

approx 25"H x 20"L x 3"W


Triangle Triptych

At the top of this mobile site a beautiful triangular piece of ghost-white coral accompanied by 2 ceramic beads. Beneath them hangs a hollowed piece of driftwood and 2 wooden beads.
Suspended from the bottom is an an antique aluminum flour scoop with a purplish/ silver freshwater pearl on top.


White Creatures

Comprised of various land animal and sea creature bones on driftwood


Large Driftwood Chandelier

This delicate yet rustic driftwood chandelier took 6 years to build. It's comprised of driftwood collected from Nova Scotia and along the northeast coast down to Rhode Island. Built out from a teepee shape, each piece is layered carefully upon the next and secured with screws. The clear light it casts is soft creating long, graceful shadows like that of an illuminated forest at night.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mind, Body, Spirit Shrine

Comprised of antique brass leaves, Native American symbols carved in yak bone, cast metal towers, a hand carved skull made from bone, reclaimed wood, a female torso milagro from Mexico, an antique lantern, and hand milagros from Indonesia



Metal pipe, Southwestern turquoise chips, wire, rebar, African clay beads, hand cast metal butterfly


Eye of the Buffalo

Driftwood, wisteria vine, metal brace, Italian glass beads



Silver beads, copper cone, aluminum pipe, metal coils



Driftwood, freshwater pearl, old Caribbean coral, seed pod, pheasant feathers


Tears in the Trees

Mirrored ovals peek out and hang from layers of wood like tears falling from trees.

driftwood, hemp rope, copper, mirrors


Shooting Target

Hardened seaweed is twisted around driftwood like a ribbon of smoke coming out of a gun. The brass circle serves as the target and the porous driftwood chip beneath is the bullet.


Moon and Tides

The hand-hammered metal discs represent the changing phases of the moon meeting the horizon. Hanging at the bottom is a metal disc with a rusted patina symbolic of tidal flows responding to the moon's pull.


Snake Spines

A column of snake vertebrae are interspersed with old vintage bone beads. Beneath them green wire is coiled like a vine suspending a delicate piece of driftwood and colorful row of sea urchin spines.


Conch in Flight

A black conch is suspended from clear glass cylindrical beads with white quartz at each end. The Caribbean driftwood casts a shadow like that of a flying bird carrying a shell.


Raining Cascades

After years of collecting dozens and dozens of circles in various materials and sizes, they all came together in this cascade. Made from steel pipe, iron chains and wire. This is a heavy piece (approx 35 lbs) and requires proper anchorage.

42" long x 28" wide