Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There's an exhilaration that coincides with the first glimpse of a city's skyline. Representative of infinite potential and experiences, a skyline appears orderly and definitive, yet once inside its limits it morphs into something completely untamed. This is an homage to the city that graced the horizon outside my bedroom window in Brooklyn.

34" x 3" x 22"



Corroded by acid and time, the top sheet of metal supports an old pipe I found while wandering the beaches of Peak's Island, Maine. Initially, it appeared to be a hollowed log with seaweed and vines emerging from all its crevices. Curling fragile tendrils of metal from a Cambridge construction site, I attempted to recreate the initial state in which I found it.

 40" x 8" x 25"


Star Agate

This hanging sculpture was created as a blessing for a friend's infant daughter. Coiled around driftwood is wisteria vine which represents reaching and growth. The small rose quartz stones sitting along the wire are for the heart chakra and inner peace, the star is for inspiration, and the agate is to imbue truth.

Driftwood Chandelier

The ambiguity of shadows fascinates me, and I love creating environments based on them rather than the actual light source. Here, pieces of driftwood from the New England coastline have been drilled together to cast an undefined pattern.

24"w x 26"h

custom piece available upon commission


This abstraction was inspired by my life-long adoration of mermaids. The movie "Splash" came out in the mid 80's, and being an impressionable child, I decided to take salt baths in the hopes of growing my own fins. Years later, sans fins, the ocean still holds a powerful mysticism over me.

The fin is Nova Scotia sea kelp. Once dried, it became hard enough to drill through. The breasts are metal from MIT's Media Lab construction site, and the driftwood is from Plum Island. Additional materials: wire, chain, beads.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chicken Coop Light

While again playing around with light and shadows, I created this with chicken wire, thin plywood, and a simple hanging light.

11" wide x 13.5" long


Table With a View

While driving around my old stomping grounds I noticed some people replacing the windows on a Victorian house. Since they were putting them by the curb, they were more than happy to send this one away with me. The birch logs came from the tree in front of my childhood home--one of the smaller trunks snapped in an ice storm and had to be taken down. With the help of my father, I combined someone's old bedroom window with the view from another.

17.5" x 28" x 54"

custom piece available upon commission

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unity Talisman

The hand-hammered copper sphere encompassing this talisman is a symbol of unity. The sterling silver butterfly = transformation, the wooden diamond from which it hangs = earth, the silver pendulum = time, the Buddha pendant represents peace, love, and forgiveness, and the vertebrae resting on top of it is a relic of all living things.


Pieces of Time

This necklace is an amalgam of clock parts and brass hardware. I smashed open some old watches, and the result is a physical manifestation of my constant challenge with time.

commissioned piece available

Southwestern Turquoise

These three necklaces lay snugly around each other in varying lengths. The turquoise is from the southwestern part of the US as well as Mexico. The bone, which has been identified as cow, I discovered in the dunes of Cape Cod.

commissioned piece available

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Web Talisman

Recycled copper and brass chains are pieced together with a side closure. From the 17" chain hangs an antique estate key, mahogany Brazilian seeds, a painted brass star, and a mercury colored metal web.


Victorian Azure

This necklace is made with a combination of antique & vintage brass chains held together with Italian glass beads. Victorian pendant suspended from recycled metal hardware.