Monday, September 27, 2010

Dancing Grinders

This is representational of an animal gracefully leaping over potential death. The antique meat grinders are suspended beneath the wooden body with small flecks of turquoise resting on top of them. When hung away from a wall, the pieces all move playfully beneath the creature due to the give of the wire coil at the top.


Snail Synapses

Snail paths in the sands of Peaks Island, Maine.

February 2010

I did this painting while imagining what my synapses might look like during the actual creative process itself. Watching snails slowly making their way across the sand in Maine a couple years later, I was amazed by how similar the patterns were.

18" x 24"

not for sale

Tarnished 1962

To represent peaceful balance, I wrapped the top piece of Nova Scotia driftwood in seaweed which I soaked then dried to conform to its shape. Beneath are two delicate pieces from Cape Cod secured with coconut shell beads, and at the bottom hangs a penny from 1962.

11" x 17"


Friday, September 24, 2010

For the Birds

Without meaning to, I started collecting all these quadrilaterals containing perfect circles. They decreased perfectly in size and reminded me of tiered bird houses. The top one is Nova Scotia driftwood, and the others are rusted metal bolts and washers suspended from wire filament.


Woodland Looking Glass Series - X

This antique mirror is enveloped in twisting, gnarly roots and driftwood from Cape Cod.


Woodland Looking Glass Series - IX

Sea flower mirror made with driftwood from Nova Scotia and Cape Cod.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Woodland Looking Glass Series - VI

Cape Cod driftwood


Woodland Looking Glass Series - V

Plum Island and Nova Scotia driftwood are carefully laid out around this antique leaded glass mirror to display the contrasts of each piece.

17" x 24"


Woodland Looking Glass Series - IV

This mirror is comprised of driftwood from Cape Cod.


Woodland Looking Glass Series - III

This full length mirror is an homage to all the coastal places I've explored within the past several years; Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Plum Island, Cape Ann, Cape Cod, and California.

41" x 18.5"


Woodland Looking Glass Series - II

This embedded mirror is comprised of driftwood from the northern coast of California as well as from Cape Cod.

12.5" x 10"


Monday, September 13, 2010

Woodland Looking Glass Series - I

This oval mirror is mounted on a 1" thick oak log cross-section. The perimeter is lined with thin strips of birch bark, and long pieces of Nova Scotia driftwood curve out from the base. One strand of black seaweed is also woven in along the bottom left.

32" x 24"